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Rabu, 27 Februari 2013

Secret Mystery of Mona Lisa Painting Was In his eyes

There are some experts try to decipher the symbols found on the Davinci painting Leornado
monalisa painting. using a telescopic instrument with a very high level of magnification.
President of the Italian National Committee for Cultural Heritage Silvano Vinceti says, "To the naked eye, the symbol was not visible. However, with a magnifying glass, it seems obvious symbol ".

"In the right eye, it appears the letters LV which means the name of Leonardo da Vinci. While in the left eye, there is a symbol that has not been defined. It is very difficult to know what the symbol is, but it seems this is the letters CE, or the letter B. In arch bridge in the background, seen the number 72 or maybe an L and the number 2.

"Given this painting almost 500 years old, the symbols did not seem sharp and clear as when first painted. From the initial inquiry, we believe that the symbol was not a mistake, the artist was put symbols ".

This search is inspired after the committee members find an old book in an antique shop referring to symbols in the Mona Lisa's eyes. "Da Vinci put a special emphasis on the Mona Lisa, and the last years of his life, he brought his paintings everywhere," added Vinceti.

"We know Da Vinci was very esoteric and used symbols in his work to convey the message. Who knows, it is a symbol of love message to the figure in the painting. "Vinceti is a member of the group asked for permission to exhume Da Vinci's tomb at Amboise Castle in the Loire Valley of France.

This group wants to make sure the skull Da Vindi there, so they can recreate the artist's face and find out if the Mona Lisa is actually a self-portrait of Da Vinci rounds.